RS3: Kutco Automatics

Austin, TX — The Kutco Knives company today announced the release of a new line of handle-less automatic knives in partnership with Amazon’s Alexa. Kutco Knives is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, and after performing extensive research evaluating consumers’ most imperative needs, Kutco Automatics were born. No more manual chopping and labor when preparing long-standing favorite, homecooked meals. Instead, users can pair their Kutco Automatics with Alexa and instruct it to do what they want. Multitasking when cooking won’t be a problem anymore either. The Kutco Automatics will do all the slicing and dicing at the push of a button or at the sound of a voice without the fear of distractions potentially causing injury. Kutco Knives won’t be attaching handles to the Kutco Automatics because there’s no need. Simply sit back, relax, and let the knives do the chopping. The new Kutco Automatics will be sold exclusively on Amazon as well as through Kutco’s on-the-ground sales representatives who love and understand the Kutco mission more than anybody. Kutco Knives’ mission is simple: provide unique solutions for everyday tasks. By combining innovative technology with a tried and true product, users can spend less time on menial tasks and spend more time where it really matters: with friends and family.


You’re already late for work, you haven’t had restful sleep in weeks, you’re broke solely from postmates, you’re beginning to think your dog hates you just as much as your boss does… and you don’t have a clean pair of socks in sight…. Sound familiar?

Thanks to SOCKERO industry disrupting technology, kiss this problem goodbye. SOCKERO’s proprietary 15-minute sock wash/dry guarantee will solve all your ‘sockular’ problems with one single device. By simply throwing your gross, dirty and smelly socks into SOCKERO, inserting our WashPod, pressing a single button and waiting 15 minutes you too can be rewarded with fresh and dry socks every day. Say goodbye to empty sock drawers, full hampers, and that coworker that always gives you that dirty look when they have to sit next to you. Our disruptive technology is able to give your socks three stages of washing power in one cycle: Still, rumble, and turbo. In the ‘Still’ phase, socks are steeped in warm WashPod infused water in order to penetrate all areas and bacteria of the sock. Second, the ‘Rumble’ stage uses microsonic vibrations to shake dirt, grime and bacteria out of the sock. Finally, the ‘Turbo’ phase of the wash is capped with high speed circular movement in order to drain as much water out of the sock as possible. The cycle is then finished with a dyson-powered drying system engineered to dry socks in five short minutes. This design has been years in the making, and we are proud to bring disruption to the cleaning market, and to your homes. Let SOCKERO bring a new level of cleanliness and efficiency to your life.

RS3: Menhairbrush

Austin, TX — Isn’t it just so awkward having to brush your hair yourself? Don’t you wish you had your very own hair stylist to brush your hair for you? Wouldn’t that be, like, so incredible?! We may not be able to make you a personal hairstylist but we are pretty close! With the Menhairbrush your detangled mess will no longer have to be brushed by you, this innovative hairbrush will brush your hair for you! We all know how difficult it can be to run a brush down your head so why do it yourself? With this new device, even hair stylists are afraid that they may lose their jobs! This new and innovative hair tool makes brushing your hair fun, and only costs $599.99! This is definitely a steal since this product is 100% organic and they use baby horsehair in the bristles! It may be pricey but hey, it’s totally worth it since this device will not damage your hair any more than a normal hairbrush would! Buy this cutting edge technology now and help us break the Internet!

RS3: StyleMyRoom

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Sneeders Inc. announced today a brand new technology to assist people in decorating their home. The StyleMyRoom app, cofounded by Hayden Sneeders and Thomas Sneeders, aims to change the norms of interior decorating by offering a service-based application to help people choose furniture, paint color, and décor to style a room in their home by simply sending in a picture.

“This app reimagines the traditional, daunting task of interior decorating by essentially offering an on-demand consulting service at your fingertips,” said Hayden Sneeders at their product launch event on Tuesday. “Everyone can use a little advise on decorating their homes, and that service should not come at a premium cost as it would with typical interior designers”

By uploading a picture of a room into the app, and answering a few questions such as the style and color scheme desired, artificial intelligence technology will match suggested décor to the user’s room of interest. StyleMyRoom matches existing wall color (or desired, if you want a complete change) to other commonly-used color schemes to give users a list of suggested compatible colors to fill a room. Users can also search for furniture on the app, finding recommendations from top-ranked interior designers on the type and layout of couches, chairs, and tables to fill a room. StyleMyRoom’s “SeeItNow” feature can even allow users to test how different sized furniture would fit in their home in real-time, utilizing the 3-D camera technology in newer iPhones and Androids. By taking a picture using the depth feature on one’s phone, the client is able to see how a six foot couch looks in the room compared to two recliners.

“Our mission is to provide instant gratification to “do-it-yourselfers” that are trying to better their lives. StyleMyRoom will be a game changer for years to come”

RS3: Self-Driving Ride-Sharing

AUSTIN, Texas. – March 11, 2019 – Today we are excited to announce the release of our completely autonomous vehicle to enhance our ride-sharing model. Our product is 100% risk-free and will be revolutionary to the transportation industry. Simply download the mobile application, request a destination, and a car will arrive at your door in a flash to take you to your location. The radical technology is absolutely safe and uses GPS automation to find the quickest routes. Time is the most important thing people have, and there is absolutely no need for people to waste it driving when they can use those valuable minutes to their advantage. Whether it be preparing for that business meeting, finishing up homework, or catching up on sleep, the autonomous vehicle provides users the chance to be as efficient as possible. Ride-Sharing applications are also growing obsolete as consumers are increasingly frustrated being forced to communicate with chatty drivers and entertain silly conversation. With this option, consumers have the great opportunity to focus on their obligations without feeling guilty about being disrespectful. Each car is fully equipped with an auxiliary chord, air conditioning, and tinted windows to maximize rider comfort, satisfaction, and privacy. Users are able to choose from a variety of vehicles such as trucks, larger sport utility vehicles, luxurious cars for those special occasions., and a shared ride option for cost aware consumers. The innovative service and cutting-edge technology is entirely unique and will transform the market into the future. We are thrilled to unveil this magic to the public and are inspired about the directions this technology can lead us moving forward.

RS3: VR Class Room

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: VR Company Announces New Method for Online Courses

Austin, TX — Being an innovator in using VR technology, Samsung has decided to become a pioneer in a new field for using the technology. By using WiFi and partnering with Universities across the nations, such as the University of Texas at Austin, Samsung will be making it even easier to take online courses finish degrees from one’s own home.

Based off the companies success with using VR with their phones and providing leisure activities with VR, Samsung is now looking to make VR even more practical with the power of WiFi and University interfaces such as Canvas. Most classes that are online allow for teachers to steam themselves to students, but takes away the physical abilities of learning within a classroom and asking questions in person. With this new VR technology, students and professors will need to only put on the VR headset and they all will be placed in a large lecture hall setting, just as if they were in school. This will allow for students to interact with the professor, concurrently write notes, and learn from their fellow classmates. This will all come from the comfort of their homes and help fill any gaps that come with taking online courses traditionally. The prodcuts will be hitting the market within the next few years, and making its way across the nation.

For further information, please contact the head of our department, their info can be found at the top of the release. Or log onto our website at

RS3: Safe Drive 4 Kids

Austin, TX — Introducing “Safe Drive 4 Kids”, a new child transportation company that will safely get your child where they need to go.  Similar to Uber, this service allows you to find trustworthy drivers in close range with the touch of a finger. I bet you are asking yourself, how could I ever trust an unknown driver with my children? With similar features as the babysitting app, “Bambino”, drivers are required to pass an extensive background check, provide references and must have a clear driving history. In addition, “Safe Drive 4 Kids” requires specialized accreditation from the state, like day cares do. Drivers will use their own cars, but they must provide proof of a recent car inspection and special insurance.  Drivers will also be required to have extra driver training. “Safe Drive 4 Kids” target audience is full-time working parents, who are unable to drive their children to and from after-school activities, sporting events, musical lessons, etc. Because some families are unable to afford to hire a full-time nanny, “Safe Drive 4 Kids” provides a less expensive alternative that charges based on how far and how long the trip is. When signing up for the app, parents are required to provide a detailed summary of their child and must check off a list of requirements. For example, whether or not their child is allowed to sit in the front seat and whether a car seat is required. In addition, every driver is supplied with a speedometer and video camera that is activated once a trip starts. The video camera allows company supervisors and the parents to monitor the trips. “Safe Drive 4 Kids” aims to provide you with an affordable and safe transportation service for your child.

RS3: Smart Mirror

Austin, TX. March 11, 2019 Today we are announcing a product that feeds the inherent characteristic most Americans love to (not) act on – laziness. Online shopping has already begun to take over the shopping industry with more and more people ordering clothes online versus going to a physical store location. A common trend is to order more than expected to keep, perhaps in a couple different sizes, and try on clothes in front of the mirror and then send back the items you do not want to keep. The smart mirror allows to combine these two favorable activities – looking at yourself and trying on new clothes. However, now you do not need to buy any clothes before trying them on at home! The smart mirror has the ability to put the person who is looking into it in the clothes of choice, to try new fashion trends, see how different sizes fit, or just have some fun to dress up like celebrities. The smart mirror even has the capability to show what a haircut or hair style would look like on the person. Use the smart mirror to look however you want without having to spend unnecessary hard earned money before being absolutely sure. We are bringing the changing room to your house with your own stylist using AR technology. You will never have to leave home to go shopping again.

RS3: Cool2Go

Cool2Go Set to Begin Distribution in May

San Francisco, California, March 9, 2019 (AAA News Network) – Snobb, Inc. today announced that its latest groundbreaking innovation in exercise and lifestyle technology is set to hit the shelves in stores across the nation in early May which is expected to revolutionize the way we cool and store our water – the Cool2Go.

The Cool2Go bottle integrates its high-tech cooling mechanism with your very own cell phone via Bluetooth. The cooling methods of the past like ice are far too inconvenient to be worth the hassle; they can make a mess, and you can never be certain about the purity of ice you get from places such as the fridge. Instead, the futuristic design is mess free, and cools the contents of the bottle in an incredibly easy process: first, connect the Cool2Go bottle to your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device. Next, download the iCool app, and open it. In the app, you can set the desired temperature you’d like your drink to be cooled to. Once a temperature is selected, the bottle takes it from there, and the drink will be chilled to your liking in no longer than ten minutes. It’s that simple. The Cool2Go uses a lithium-ion battery which can last up to half of the entire day. At the end of the day, simply plug the Cool2Go into an electrical outlet using the CoolCharge cable (purchased separately). The Cool2Go bottle is set to retail at $199.99, with the CoolCharge cable being an additional $20.

RS3: Breathe, by Poo’s Shoes

HOUSTON, Texas — Mar. 11, 2019: Poo’s Shoes have unveiled their newest line of shoes, called Breathe. This new line of shoes has a new daring and appealing marketing strategy we have never seen before in the shoe industry: sockless shoes. CEO Ryan Mangin spoke at Houston International Sneaker Summit yesterday, saying “The world is tired of smelly socks getting sucked in by the dryer and never coming back out”. He claims that these new shoes will eliminate your need for socks all together. They have an almost swiss cheese looking exterior for breathability as well as a built-in ankle brace for stability that ties the shoe together. Another perk Mangin was selling to the people of Houston was the lack of shoelaces. He says “I, for one, am tired of tying my shoes every day, so I went out and got rid of shoelaces all together”. This new line of shoes flaunts a new patented zip tie approach where you place the AirMangin™ Breathe zip ties in the holes provided and pull to your desired tightness. With the release of this new line, Mangin promised that for the next month anyone who bought the new AirMangin™ Breathe’s would also receive 500 free zip ties.