Pinterest: How to Plan Your Life as a Perfect Housewife

Pinterest is a predominantly female website and women are five times more likely than men to actively use Pinterest. Some of the most popular boards on Pinterest are Weddings, Home Décor, DIY (do it yourself), and Food. Young women and older women alike use Pinterst for their “home-making” needs. The gender digital divide is very prevalent on sites such as Pinterest and Reddit. Reddit similar to Pinterest in that is dominated by a certain gender, however it is predominantly males. The top categories on the Reddit website are Funny, News, and Gaming. There is a clear division between these two websites. The fact that these two websites are dominated by different genders shows that the Internet society believes each sex should perform certain roles.

Now although I am a current Pinterest user and love the site for recipes and projects, after further, deeper analysis, I realize the site clearly sets up specific expectations for women.  Pinterest is for the women to learn how to accurately perform her wife-like duties. By planning weddings and coming up with recipes, the women users fall into this specific role that has been around for centuries. Most women do not realize they are helping to create the stereotype, they just believe they are taking advantage of a useful website to help make their lives easier. I have no aversion to Pinterest and will continue to use the site, I just find it interesting that the gender gap is so large. The site is very feminine and that could be one reason there are not as many male users. The fact that the site is so catered to women helps ensure that more men do not join in on the pinning sensation. Pinterest being so feminine is causing the divide to only further increase because even if men want to learn more about home-making or cooking, they do not want to lose their masculinity by joining a website catered so specifically to women.

When deciding what to cook for dinner one night, my boyfriend was looking up recipes online. He was not having much luck finding something we both would enjoy and so he recommended I get on my Pinterest and find something. It took me all of five minutes to find the perfect meal for us to cook together. He knew very well what Pinterest was and that I use it quite often for looking up recipes, but he told me he could not warrant actually joining Pinterest because it is such a feminine media website. Pinterest and other websites dominated by one gender will continue to strive and this divide will continue to grow. Although some brave souls may venture into the other side and join a network dominated by the opposite sex, these will be minimal compared to the overall user demographic. Women will continue planning their weddings from a young age and how to become the perfect wife, and men will continue shying away from joining girlish websites.

This post was written by a student, and has been left unedited by the admin, with the exception of any hyperlinks.

One thought on “Pinterest: How to Plan Your Life as a Perfect Housewife

  1. That’s an interesting observation. I’m not on it, but I’ve noticed friends who are homemakers “liking” things on Pinterest (it shows up on my Facebook feed). You could explore this more, I think (for another post). Cheers.

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