Divide and Conquer

I am in a place where I am on the rising part of the divide. Places in the world are less fortunate than us, especially in technology. They don’t have the tools, resources, or funding that we are subject to. If I have ever needed to use technology, it has been there for me in some shape or form. In a lot of other places in the world though that is not the case. I have access to information that they couldn’t imagine. Do I think that is right? No, but hopefully more efforts will be made to eventually bridge that gap, and give access to more and more people. Race even plays a part in this technological divide. If you live in a Hispanic household, you are half as likely as a white household to own a computer because they see it as more of a luxury. I don’t like that statistic very much because in this days society people can not compete in the work force without the use of technology. They need it in order to make a living, and if some Hispanics view having a computer as more of a luxury, then I believe they are missing the point. They need to realize that to achieve success you have to compete with the best, and that cant happen if you are falling behind in technology. I saw this first hand when I went to visit a friend of my cousins in Chicago. Hey grew up in a poorer Hispanic family, and lacked a computer in their home. The kid had a research project due, but was at stalemate because he had nothing to do the assignment on. His mom was out for the day, so he had no way of getting to a library where he could get the work done. This just proves that everyone needs a computer in his home. He wanted to do the paper, but did not have the tools to do so. This divide is hurting our youth because they are being crippled by not having some of the same opportunities as we do. This really stuck out to me because I have always been fortunate enough to have the technology I need, and so have most of the friends I’ve hung out with. This kid had the drive to do the work, and the research for the paper, but not computer to put it all together. This really didn’t affect me until I took this class, and realized that this divide is real. People out there are struggling because they don’t have the access that they need. I know efforts are being made to shorten this gap, but I believe it is not being stressed as much as it should be, especially with the youth. This is the time where they learn skills they will use in the work force, and if there is a lack of technology, they are already starting one step behind.

This post was written by a student, and has been left unedited by the admin, with the exception of any hyperlinks.

2 thoughts on “Divide and Conquer

  1. I’m Hispanic and grew up in a predominantly Hispanic community. I did get a computer when I was young and most of my Hispanics friends did too. We were enthralled by them because we weren’t used to such elegant gadgets. We did see computers as being luxuries and in some way computers held a status of being well-off. It’s not rare for Hispanics to live in lower socioeconomic areas; owning a computer gives them hope that they can improves their lives and be able to own the things they can’t own at the moment. Obviously technology is becoming an important aspect in our society and nowadays it’s essential for our success. I don’t think Hispanics are missing this point. I think they get it. I think they see that owning technology enables them to live a more beneficial life where they can have these luxuries they’ve never had before. They understand the economic status behind owning a computer and being able to own such a “luxury”.

  2. I really like the way you used personal experience to help with your argument. The blog seemed personal and heartfelt!! Maybe you could expand on your experience more in depth and compare and contrast yours with your cousin specifically- maybe details about your own project and how computers aided you.

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