Internet Connections

As a person that grew up with the Internet, my future career and outlook in life seems to center around technology, this seems to be attributed to my interaction with computer from a relatively early age. Since middle school, I have always been in touch with technology. Initially I used it to complete school assignments but as I discovered more facades of the internet I began to use it every day. I watch tutorials on how to skateboard as well as read Japanese comics on the internet as well. Since my family has a conservative ideology on spending for new technology, I became in charge of fixing computers we have in the house. This really piqued my interest for discovering how a computer really works outside of just using internet browser. I started to search on-line forums to solve specific problems our computers encounter and in the posts, the experts often posts insights on how and why the  problem came to surface. Things like how to reset the IP Address of the computer and how to restore the operating system to times before it got infected with viruses taught me about internet protocols and system internals. These little insights builds up to a somewhat core of understanding about them that I wanted to pursue a professional career out of computers. This core knowledge would not have happened if my family didn’t have a computer or a connection to the internet, an advantage that is not shared by everyone.

As tech-savvy as I am, I grew up in a culture where long use of technology is scorned by my parents. Even though they both have computer science backgrounds, they thought that kids shouldn’t be glued in front of a screen.  I remember distinctly having a heated argument with my mother about playing games and I remember her being very unreasonable. Why couldn’t I? I’m not doing bad things, I’m not out drinking. I’m not out smoking. In the end I obeyed my mother and spend my additional time playing outside or reading. I bring this up because I spoke with a friend of mine and while discussing video games when we were little I told him my relationship with it when I was a kid. He points out that he has the opposite case, his mother worked hard to get him and his brother videogames so that they will stay inside. She did it because out there, was gang violence. Grand Theft Auto is a game on the Xbox, Grand Theft Auto is also what’s happening outside. Before speaking with this friend, I had no idea that there was a world like that and it made me more cautious when making generalizations about “nerds” or “geeks.” There are a plethora of perspectives on the internet; on the other side of the Window(s), real people are interacting with the web in different ways. I think it’s important to seek out those voices and listen to what they have to say. The internet shouldn’t just be a bubble where you view only the things you like or things that you are familiar with, it should be a place to learn and speak with people from different backgrounds. It should be a place to gain knowledge about what is going on from the rest of the world.

3 thoughts on “Internet Connections

  1. You say that you use the Internet for more than just wasting time, rather, you use it to gain information and learn things that you otherwise would not be able to without it. It seems that most people just use their access to the Internet in order to stay virtually connected to others as well as for their own entertainment. Rather than spending the whole day planted in front of the computer on Netflix or Facebook or Twitter, it seems that you would prefer to be doing something productive with your time. I think it’s cool that you used the Internet to learn how to fix all the issues that you wouldn’t otherwise have without the Internet.. which seems a little contradictory but I still think it’s cool. 🙂

  2. I recently had really frustrating issues with my apartment and our internet connection. The internet people had to come two different times to fix it. Knowing how to change the IP address and know the innermost workings of a computer would have really benefitted me in those moments. The computer guy talked to me like I was an idiot… But it is interesting how the physical knowledge of the computer can contribute to how you use it. On the other hand, my parents have always been the exact same way. Their reasons usually had more to do with paying attention to each other. It is really cool to see how peoples’ families help shape how they view things.

  3. I really liked the part where you compared the uses of technology by different types of people. It is definitely something to think about when you realize that technology may be hurting one person, but helping another. I wish more people were using their computers for good like you are, and I think you set a good example. My brother is the same way, he spends his time on his laptop creating an app for the iPhone that is going to be like an organizer app (not sure of the details). Overall, I liked the tone of the essay and how in-depth you went on your personal experiences.

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