Me Online or Online on Me

When I first started using the internet seriously, I was in middle school. I didn’t have a laptop yet, but we shared a computer at home with separate accounts. My family is from Bangladesh and we were the first ones that started our lives in America. We were by no means rich, but we weren’t poor either. We had a home, computers, internet access, and anything within reason that a “normal” family here would have. Access was never a problem in my life, so this allowed me the privilege of being connected to the world of the internet, even at a young age. I didn’t really think about it, but it has greatly impacted who I am. With things such as homework, shopping, getting news, and just gathering any kind of information at all, everything was basically at the tips of my hands. Especially so once I started working and bought my first iPhone in high school.
Once I opened up social networking websites like MySpace and FaceBook I started to create my online identity. Not only these, but online stores and shopping mediums like Amazon and eBay were slowly crafting my experience online without me knowing it. The internet and my computer recorded all the things I liked, shopped for, and searched, which leads me to the way the internet divides certain people.
Based on things such as gender, class, or race etc. the internet is molded to who we are, and who we are when we’re on it separates us. Since I am a young male, and am currently growing up, my interests changed rapidly and there was a lot of characteristically male things that I was interested in. This ranged from cars, to girls, to video games, to sports and things of that nature. Advertisements would pop up on FaceBook and YouTube and other sites that I visited frequently. All of them were about cars, and video games, and shoes and things that I would be searching for. The internet knows who I am and what I want.
In more ways than one, it was invading my privacy and creating a path for me. It was highlighting and strengthening my gender role or views by showing me all the things I already am or believe in. I would follow news articles on new technology being released, and I researched family issues because I would often debate with my father on how things should be at home. My computer still shows me some articles on the nuclear family and the ways things should be at home. The internet defines me as an impulsive male, that shops a lot, and likes the typical things a male would. It knows that I belong to YouTube and FaceBook, where I see most of the pointed advertisements. It is right for the most part; many people have issues with it invading your privacy, but in my experience, I don’t mind it. It shows me some things that I actually do want to see, and it makes my experience much better and easier. I do acknowledge that it can be creepy how it’s getting the information about me, and how far it can go to invade on your life, but so far I haven’t been impacted negatively by it.

2 thoughts on “Me Online or Online on Me

  1. Good essay. I would try to elaborate on your experience with technology in general and go in-depth about situations when you realized you were clearly privileged with access to technology. Great job explaining about your privacy (or lack thereof) online, because that really is a big issue with the Internet at this point in time! At the end, however, you contradict yourself when you say you haven’t been negatively impacted by it, but you started the paragraph by saying your privacy was invaded…So I would try a different ending!

  2. Really nice blog, I can relate to being a young male in college and having some of the same advertisements you mentioned pop up on Facebook or Youtube. And for awhile I’ve had the same the same thought you did, it actually does make things easier a lot of times. But it can get a bit creepy, however; as much information as we put on the internet what else would we expect? It is geared towards helping us. If we are totally creeped out by it maybe we shouldn’t use the internet. Thats just my opinion though, I’m sure many people will disagree.

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