RS2: iRan

Internet Use in Iran: Access, Social, and Educational Issues

There is no doubt that when it comes to gaining access to new technological advancements, the United States is almost always the first in line. Though this may be a true statement, there is no denying a gap that has developed between those individuals who have access to technology and those who don’t. This “Digital Divide” that is being talked about is not only taking place in our backyards, but the world around us as a whole. Take the country of Iran for instance, in the article written by Abbas Johari, “Internet Use in Iran: Access, Social, and Educational Issues,” he writes of the many internet service providers that are available, yet not omitting the fact that it is far from affordable. Stating that, “…the average salary for a worker in Iran is a bout $6 per day” (2) the accessibility of connecting the internet is not a household commodity. However, that is not to say that Iran is completely behind the curve. Johari writes of many ideas and plans Iran has to essentially begin the transition to a digital world and lifestyle. “Iranians understand that the Internet can be used to generate jobs, and given Iran’s very high unemployment rate, interest in job creation with the Internet is high” (7). Due to this mindset of seeking connection to the internet, Cybercafés appeared to be a huge hit with younger generations with a statistic included within the journal stating there were 500+ Internet cafes in a sector.

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