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Growing up, I was always fortunate enough to have a computer with internet access. I never had to go through any trouble trying to complete assignments or keeping up with the digital world. Even though I didn’t have to worry about accessing the internet, the same can’t be said for many others. The digital divide is something that goes much deeper than just ‘not having internet access’. People aren’t connected with the rest of the world due to geography, age, wealth, literacy, confidence, and much more. I never really thought about how not having internet access could affect people since I never had that problem. Now-a-days, having access to the internet is a necessity rather than a luxury because of how much people depend on it. I depend on the internet. I depend on the internet much more than one should 😕. For example, I can’t be without my phone for a whole day. I check my phone when I wake up, when I’m sitting bored in class, when I’m awkwardly in the elevator with a stranger, when I’m walking to class, etc. In other words: I’m dependent on my phone for most of my day. But why? Why do I constantly need to look at my phone? Is my existence based on my phone? Is it because I feel most happy when I look at the screen in front of me? 🤔 I honestly don’t know. I don’t know how I play into all of this. I look around and see this to be the case with my peers too. Almost everywhere I look, someone is on their phone or laptop.

UntitledAnd the more that I think about it, the more I realize that we all are playing a part in the digital divide. Even though we don’t know it, we’re still affecting it. I have internet, so I don’t think about the people that don’t, my peers have internet, so they don’t think about the people that don’t, but how are we deepening the divide? I thought about this for a while and I didn’t come to one single conclusion, but I had an idea. By constantly looking at screens, we give the internet the power to divide the people; we don’t think about the less fortunate because most of us on campus are always surrounded by technology, but by using the internet, we’re furthering the divide. We’re keeping ourselves further from the population that doesn’t have internet access, thus creating a deepening of the divide without realizing it. The internet is like the ocean. Being able to connect with millions and millions of other fish, the internet provides an outlet; an outlet to escape reality or an outlet to just wander and surf, to be consumed by. The internet has waves; waves that you can choose to get lost in or swim away from. The deep blue ocean water is there to be mesmerized by or just appreciate from afar 🌊. Just as the ocean seems to be never ending, the same can be said about the internet. Most of us are lost in the vastness of the web and it causes us to ignore the problem of division.

3 thoughts on “Crashing Waves

  1. I really loved your metaphor and analogy to the ocean and how you tied it into your title. However, I think that expanding on yourself and how you are affected by the digital divide would be beneficial to your paper. Do you know anyone that suffers from the digital divide either socioeconomically, racially, elderly, etc. If not, do you think that being exposed could benefit you in terms of being more appreciative of it and learning to utilize it less? How can you help with the digital divide because you said that you are playing a role in the digital divide, do you want to help bridge the gap? What would you use the internet for when you were younger? Did your parents encourage it?

  2. I found your metaphor and analogy of the internet to the ocean to be very interesting and accurate. We get so lost in the web and in our own lives that we forget about those who lack technology and access to the internet. Why do you think it is important to have access to the internet and why is it beneficial for people? What has life been like for you with access to the internet? Was technology used often in your home growing up? Were your parent’s tech savvy or did you learn on your own? Go more into depth on how the internet is a necessity rather than a luxury. –CM

  3. As stated by our peers, your ocean metaphor is not only creative and unique but very insightful. In your amplification I think it would benefit your paper to have the metaphor not only at the end but be a constant theme that goes throughout the entire paper and helps lead the narrative. In addition, you ask a lot of interesting questions throughout your paper but do not answer them all. I think it would be helpful to the reader if you are to ask so many questions to be sure to answer them all specifically, even if the answer is “I don’t know.”

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