RS3: Blueteeth


March 10th, 2019, Austin, TX — Shiny Inc. has just announced a revolutionary product that will change the way you brush your teeth forever. Have you ever thought about wanting a toothbrush that keeps track of your brushing time? Or tells you if you are focusing too much on one area over the others? Enter Blueteeth, the smart toothbrush that uses the latest technology to keep track of how long you brush for. It has small sensors under the bristles that measure the pressure you apply to each region. The toothbrush has a built in speaker that will instruct you to brush with more pressure or change your brushing rhythm. You can monitor the statistics of your brushing time with the free Blueteeth app. After every session, the app will synchronize with the toothbrush and give you a brushing summary. When you first receive the brush, you will have to undergo a 5-minute tutorial that allows the brush to create a mapping of your mouth. The toothbrush uses machine learning to understand how you brush and suggests improvements with each use. Plus, it includes Bluetooth! This way, you can jam out to your favorite tunes while working your way to that perfect smile. The toothbrush comes with a USB cable so you can charge it with your laptop or plug it into a charging brick. One hour of charging makes the toothbrush last up to 5 hours of brush time. The app also allows you to connect with other users with Blueteeth through the app. You can make friends and compare your brushing sessions. The app uses a special algorithm to give you an aggregate Brush Score every day. If you maintain your score above a certain threshold, you can earn points that you can spend on the online store to buy different skins for your toothbrush. Blueteeth will be available on Amazon beginning June 1st and through retail starting July 1st. The starting price will be $399.99.

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