RS3: Breathe, by Poo’s Shoes

HOUSTON, Texas — Mar. 11, 2019: Poo’s Shoes have unveiled their newest line of shoes, called Breathe. This new line of shoes has a new daring and appealing marketing strategy we have never seen before in the shoe industry: sockless shoes. CEO Ryan Mangin spoke at Houston International Sneaker Summit yesterday, saying “The world is tired of smelly socks getting sucked in by the dryer and never coming back out”. He claims that these new shoes will eliminate your need for socks all together. They have an almost swiss cheese looking exterior for breathability as well as a built-in ankle brace for stability that ties the shoe together. Another perk Mangin was selling to the people of Houston was the lack of shoelaces. He says “I, for one, am tired of tying my shoes every day, so I went out and got rid of shoelaces all together”. This new line of shoes flaunts a new patented zip tie approach where you place the AirMangin™ Breathe zip ties in the holes provided and pull to your desired tightness. With the release of this new line, Mangin promised that for the next month anyone who bought the new AirMangin™ Breathe’s would also receive 500 free zip ties.

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