RS3: BroGo

Mountain View, California – March 11, 2019 – Brow ‘N Go today released BroGo, an entirely new technology that lets you scan your eyebrows to open your phone. With the use of Botox, and similar products, skyrocketing, Apple’s face recognition software on the iPhone X just is not working like it used to. Also, some women put on enough make up to the point where Apple’s software simply does not recognize their face because they look like two different people with and without make up. Brow ‘N Go believes BroGo will not run into this issue because it looks at the outline of the eyebrow and the way the hair falls. “This technology is wildly different than Apple’s face recognition because it takes into account the fact that the hair might not always be the same way and the eyebrow color might not always be the same because some women draw on their eyebrows. As long as the shape of the eyebrow is relatively the same, the technology will work” says Brow ‘N Go’s Chief Executive Officer and head design analyst.

Die-hard customers of Brow ‘N Go’s previous products got to test run BroGo. “I had initial concerns of running into issues when I got my eyebrows waxes or when I draw my eyebrows to go out. I did trial runs of BroGo, and it recognized and unlocked every time!” exclaims loyal customer Ann Smithe. The nice thing about BroGo is that it does not look at your face, so it gets rid of concerns of facial tracking and gets rid of any notion that we are collaborating with the FBI, like Apple is, and it ensures your privacy because it does not use your face.

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