RS3: Float pods

Austin, TX — Today we will be introducing the brand-new Float Pods. The new Bluetooth headphones are going to disrupt the entire headphone market. Many people have the issue of their Bluetooth headphones falling out of their ears or simply running out of battery too fast. The Float Pods will leave you speechless after one use. We have implemented the lightest technology into the headphones, so the user will not be able to feel the headphones in your ear and will quickly forget where the music is even coming from. On top of our seamless and virtually weightless design we have come up with a new technology that connects to the electric field in your body that will keep the headphones in your ear, taking away the issues people face when exercising with their headphones in. Unlike the competitors in the market we have created a headphone that will last you a lifetime for a much more affordable price than the leading companies, Apple, Bose, Beats, and others. Based on surveys the CEO, Thomas Jatfo, has conducted around campuses across the country, nearly 95% of students say that they use their headphones at least once a day. By targeting universities in the United States through Float Pods pop-up tours, Float Pod will revolutionize the market and dominate the headphone industry with their unbeatable technology, extreme battery life, and affordable prices.

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