RS3: Kutco Automatics

Austin, TX — The Kutco Knives company today announced the release of a new line of handle-less automatic knives in partnership with Amazon’s Alexa. Kutco Knives is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, and after performing extensive research evaluating consumers’ most imperative needs, Kutco Automatics were born. No more manual chopping and labor when preparing long-standing favorite, homecooked meals. Instead, users can pair their Kutco Automatics with Alexa and instruct it to do what they want. Multitasking when cooking won’t be a problem anymore either. The Kutco Automatics will do all the slicing and dicing at the push of a button or at the sound of a voice without the fear of distractions potentially causing injury. Kutco Knives won’t be attaching handles to the Kutco Automatics because there’s no need. Simply sit back, relax, and let the knives do the chopping. The new Kutco Automatics will be sold exclusively on Amazon as well as through Kutco’s on-the-ground sales representatives who love and understand the Kutco mission more than anybody. Kutco Knives’ mission is simple: provide unique solutions for everyday tasks. By combining innovative technology with a tried and true product, users can spend less time on menial tasks and spend more time where it really matters: with friends and family.

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