RS3: Menhairbrush

Austin, TX — Isn’t it just so awkward having to brush your hair yourself? Don’t you wish you had your very own hair stylist to brush your hair for you? Wouldn’t that be, like, so incredible?! We may not be able to make you a personal hairstylist but we are pretty close! With the Menhairbrush your detangled mess will no longer have to be brushed by you, this innovative hairbrush will brush your hair for you! We all know how difficult it can be to run a brush down your head so why do it yourself? With this new device, even hair stylists are afraid that they may lose their jobs! This new and innovative hair tool makes brushing your hair fun, and only costs $599.99! This is definitely a steal since this product is 100% organic and they use baby horsehair in the bristles! It may be pricey but hey, it’s totally worth it since this device will not damage your hair any more than a normal hairbrush would! Buy this cutting edge technology now and help us break the Internet!

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