RS3: NetflixLIVE

Los Gatos, California – During a Friday news conference, Netflix announced a new live sports streaming platform called “NetflixLIVE” that may forever change the way fans consumer their favorite sports. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings revealed during the conference that Netflix had been in negotiations with two of the United States’ four major sports leagues, the National Football and National Hockey League, that will allow Netflix to install small cameras in the helmets of each NFL and NHL player. The cameras will stream to NetflixLIVE streamers to provide them a live feed of their favorite players first-person view during a game. NetflixLIVE viewers will be able to switch between the cameras of all players in the game, so no two NetflixLIVE sports streaming experiences will be alike. Hastings said, “after over a year of testing the product with high school football and hockey programs across the country, we are finally ready to bring it to the professional leagues.” Hastings would go on to thank each of the nearly 30 participating high schools by name for testing the product. NetflixLIVE is set to debut in the first week of the 2019 NFL season, which will kick off in September. The hockey version of the product will launch a month later with the start of the 2019 NHL season. The service will cost $20 per month.

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