RS3: Safe Drive 4 Kids

Austin, TX — Introducing “Safe Drive 4 Kids”, a new child transportation company that will safely get your child where they need to go.  Similar to Uber, this service allows you to find trustworthy drivers in close range with the touch of a finger. I bet you are asking yourself, how could I ever trust an unknown driver with my children? With similar features as the babysitting app, “Bambino”, drivers are required to pass an extensive background check, provide references and must have a clear driving history. In addition, “Safe Drive 4 Kids” requires specialized accreditation from the state, like day cares do. Drivers will use their own cars, but they must provide proof of a recent car inspection and special insurance.  Drivers will also be required to have extra driver training. “Safe Drive 4 Kids” target audience is full-time working parents, who are unable to drive their children to and from after-school activities, sporting events, musical lessons, etc. Because some families are unable to afford to hire a full-time nanny, “Safe Drive 4 Kids” provides a less expensive alternative that charges based on how far and how long the trip is. When signing up for the app, parents are required to provide a detailed summary of their child and must check off a list of requirements. For example, whether or not their child is allowed to sit in the front seat and whether a car seat is required. In addition, every driver is supplied with a speedometer and video camera that is activated once a trip starts. The video camera allows company supervisors and the parents to monitor the trips. “Safe Drive 4 Kids” aims to provide you with an affordable and safe transportation service for your child.

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