RS3: Self-Driving Ride-Sharing

AUSTIN, Texas. – March 11, 2019 – Today we are excited to announce the release of our completely autonomous vehicle to enhance our ride-sharing model. Our product is 100% risk-free and will be revolutionary to the transportation industry. Simply download the mobile application, request a destination, and a car will arrive at your door in a flash to take you to your location. The radical technology is absolutely safe and uses GPS automation to find the quickest routes. Time is the most important thing people have, and there is absolutely no need for people to waste it driving when they can use those valuable minutes to their advantage. Whether it be preparing for that business meeting, finishing up homework, or catching up on sleep, the autonomous vehicle provides users the chance to be as efficient as possible. Ride-Sharing applications are also growing obsolete as consumers are increasingly frustrated being forced to communicate with chatty drivers and entertain silly conversation. With this option, consumers have the great opportunity to focus on their obligations without feeling guilty about being disrespectful. Each car is fully equipped with an auxiliary chord, air conditioning, and tinted windows to maximize rider comfort, satisfaction, and privacy. Users are able to choose from a variety of vehicles such as trucks, larger sport utility vehicles, luxurious cars for those special occasions., and a shared ride option for cost aware consumers. The innovative service and cutting-edge technology is entirely unique and will transform the market into the future. We are thrilled to unveil this magic to the public and are inspired about the directions this technology can lead us moving forward.

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