RS3: Sit Nice

Austin, TX — It is with great pleasure that we here at Morgan and Brothers Inc. are pleased to announce the next greatest innovation to cover your seating needs. We feel that this new thing that we’ll be putting out in the coming months can’t be compared to anything out there right now. Imagine your TV viewing and sitting experience taken to a new level. What is this new product you may ask? We are calling it the Sit Nice. We have made sure to cover so many things within this seat that no other seat will ever be needed. For the first time ever, we are having a chair that connects with your phone to have the optimal experience for whatever individual is in the chair. For the optimal experience, we propose that anyone that regularly lives in a house to have a seat for themselves. The reason that we suggest this is that the seat will create a seating profile for each user so that they may effectively get a superior seating experience with each time they rest down. This will be accomplished by the seat being linked to you through an app so you can record what areas are aching you or causing the most pain. By the time, the chair will be aware of what you need and what areas need more attention. There will be special cushioning that can be redistributed through the chair so that whatever areas need that extra help will either be firmer or softer depending on what you need attention to. While doing this the, the seat will also measure stress as well as your body temperature so you can stay more aware of the factors that may be triggering you. It will be able to keep track of this data and monitor your problem areas over time. We can’t wait until it hits market so we can change the seating game!

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