RS3: Smart Mirror

Austin, TX. March 11, 2019 Today we are announcing a product that feeds the inherent characteristic most Americans love to (not) act on – laziness. Online shopping has already begun to take over the shopping industry with more and more people ordering clothes online versus going to a physical store location. A common trend is to order more than expected to keep, perhaps in a couple different sizes, and try on clothes in front of the mirror and then send back the items you do not want to keep. The smart mirror allows to combine these two favorable activities – looking at yourself and trying on new clothes. However, now you do not need to buy any clothes before trying them on at home! The smart mirror has the ability to put the person who is looking into it in the clothes of choice, to try new fashion trends, see how different sizes fit, or just have some fun to dress up like celebrities. The smart mirror even has the capability to show what a haircut or hair style would look like on the person. Use the smart mirror to look however you want without having to spend unnecessary hard earned money before being absolutely sure. We are bringing the changing room to your house with your own stylist using AR technology. You will never have to leave home to go shopping again.

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