You’re already late for work, you haven’t had restful sleep in weeks, you’re broke solely from postmates, you’re beginning to think your dog hates you just as much as your boss does… and you don’t have a clean pair of socks in sight…. Sound familiar?

Thanks to SOCKERO industry disrupting technology, kiss this problem goodbye. SOCKERO’s proprietary 15-minute sock wash/dry guarantee will solve all your ‘sockular’ problems with one single device. By simply throwing your gross, dirty and smelly socks into SOCKERO, inserting our WashPod, pressing a single button and waiting 15 minutes you too can be rewarded with fresh and dry socks every day. Say goodbye to empty sock drawers, full hampers, and that coworker that always gives you that dirty look when they have to sit next to you. Our disruptive technology is able to give your socks three stages of washing power in one cycle: Still, rumble, and turbo. In the ‘Still’ phase, socks are steeped in warm WashPod infused water in order to penetrate all areas and bacteria of the sock. Second, the ‘Rumble’ stage uses microsonic vibrations to shake dirt, grime and bacteria out of the sock. Finally, the ‘Turbo’ phase of the wash is capped with high speed circular movement in order to drain as much water out of the sock as possible. The cycle is then finished with a dyson-powered drying system engineered to dry socks in five short minutes. This design has been years in the making, and we are proud to bring disruption to the cleaning market, and to your homes. Let SOCKERO bring a new level of cleanliness and efficiency to your life.

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