RS3: Speaking-Wave

Austin, TX — I am delighted to announce and introduce the newest Speaking-Wave (SW) that will be available for purchase starting in the winter of 2020. Further details of how and where to purchase the product will be announced in July 2020. This product has features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a voice control system. Its purpose is to help make cooking in homes a faster and more efficient process. The newest addition of this advanced microwave allows for anyone, after placing the food inside, to hold down the voice recording button on the light blue tinted screen, and vocalize the name of the food in which has been placed inside the SW. The SW will then use its Wi-Fi attributes to immediately search for the precise amount of time it will take in order to generate the highest quality form of the desired food. It will verify, to its users, exactly what restrictions or ingredients are required before beginning the microwaving process. The importance of this SW product is that these progressive features will allow individuals to not worry about manually researching how much time it takes to microwave their meals. SW also maintains a safe environment by reassuring its users of how to prepare for the pre-microwaving stage. The SW product will be released on Friday 1st November 2020, just in time for the holidays celebrations; Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and the New Year. This product will be sold and distributed internationally and can be bought on the website.

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