RS3: StyleMyRoom

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Sneeders Inc. announced today a brand new technology to assist people in decorating their home. The StyleMyRoom app, cofounded by Hayden Sneeders and Thomas Sneeders, aims to change the norms of interior decorating by offering a service-based application to help people choose furniture, paint color, and décor to style a room in their home by simply sending in a picture.

“This app reimagines the traditional, daunting task of interior decorating by essentially offering an on-demand consulting service at your fingertips,” said Hayden Sneeders at their product launch event on Tuesday. “Everyone can use a little advise on decorating their homes, and that service should not come at a premium cost as it would with typical interior designers”

By uploading a picture of a room into the app, and answering a few questions such as the style and color scheme desired, artificial intelligence technology will match suggested décor to the user’s room of interest. StyleMyRoom matches existing wall color (or desired, if you want a complete change) to other commonly-used color schemes to give users a list of suggested compatible colors to fill a room. Users can also search for furniture on the app, finding recommendations from top-ranked interior designers on the type and layout of couches, chairs, and tables to fill a room. StyleMyRoom’s “SeeItNow” feature can even allow users to test how different sized furniture would fit in their home in real-time, utilizing the 3-D camera technology in newer iPhones and Androids. By taking a picture using the depth feature on one’s phone, the client is able to see how a six foot couch looks in the room compared to two recliners.

“Our mission is to provide instant gratification to “do-it-yourselfers” that are trying to better their lives. StyleMyRoom will be a game changer for years to come”

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