RS3: TouchAlarm

Austin, TX — TouchAlarm is announcing their launch of a home security system. TouchAlarm is a way for home owners to know when and who is disarming the alarm system. The system ensures that only those with access are the ones controlling the home security system. The system is set up like a traditional home burglary system. Instead of using a passcode to turn off the alarm, the system relies on finger prints. Each family member and those that need access to the house will have their finger prints scanned so they can disarm the alarm. This way each time the alarm is turned off it shows who it was disarmed by and when it was. Homeowners can view this information on the TouchAlarm app. They will get a notification every time the alarm was armed and disarmed and by who. TouchAlarm was founded by Berkeley Jatfo in 2019. The idea was born when the maid could not find her money after she finished cleaning the house. The camera recording a few days before revealed a masked person disarming the home security system and taking the money, but there was no way of identifying who the person was. The finger print access would have made sure that only those who were allowed were the ones disarming the alarm. Codes can easily be told to outside people. Jatfo said, “TouchAlarm is a way to keep your home safe and protect it from people that should not be there. People do not actually know who all has access to their passwords or codes.” For more information on TouchAlarm, please contact Kate Smith at or 713-333-4567.

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