RS3: Trashr

San Francisco, California — Aerial Solutions, a company that specializes in drones and drone utility, has unveiled their new drone service called Trashr at the 2019 Useless Tech Ideas show in San Francisco, California this week.

Aerial Solutions has been providing services catered by their state-of-the-art drones all over North America since 2015. Long gone are the days where people would get their trash picked up by pesky, noisy garbage trucks. With their new Trashr service, subscribers can now have their garbage picked up by one of Aerial Solutions’ stealthy drones at the press of a button.

The simple to use app utilizes a built-in transmitter that communicates with drones located across the company’s many centralized distribution centers. Furthermore, drones will be available to users at all hours of the day. As such while users can call for immediate garbage pickup through the app, users can also schedule pickup times that work around their own personal agenda.

“Time and time again, I would forget to put my trash out in time for the garbage trucks to pick it up. However, now with the new Trashr app, I can have my garbage picked up on my own time. Never again will I have to chase after the garbage truck in my underwear at 7 in the morning ,” said john Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, a beta tester of the Trashr app.

Aerial Solutions is currently conducting preliminary testing in San Francisco and Helena, Montana. However, full deployment of the new Trashr app and its services will be reaching cities all over the United States by the end of 2020. Subscription services will start at $89.99 a month and will include a biodegradable trash can. More information is available at

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