RS3: Valerie

Party Bean launches voice-controlled coffee machine—simply say “Valerie”

Austin, Texas – March 2019 — A new coffee machine to make your busy mornings easier is officially available. Party Bean has created “Valerie”, which will let you multitask and still get your energy in the morning. Voice activated, tell Valerie when you want your coffee and how you want it—hot, cold, with or without creamer. Valerie can even produce lattes, espresso shots, and macchiatos.

Yell from your bedroom while you are getting ready or across the kitchen while making your family breakfast. Simply say “Valerie” and state your order. Bluetooth controlled, hook your coffee machine up to your phone and let it know your schedule. Program it to brew coffee when you turn off your alarm or let Valerie ask you if you’re ready for your morning coffee when you turn on the kitchen lights. Set favorite drinks in the app and have them ready for you at the sound of your voice. Forgot what is scheduled for your day? Ask Valerie, and as long as she has access to your mobile calendar, you’ll never be late or tired to a meeting again.

The first coffee machine of its type, Valerie goes beyond all others. Make a small, medium, large, or extra large cup. With two spouts, even brew two cups at one time. Speed up your mornings with your roommate or significant other or serve a large party of guests in half the time. With more and more updates to come, Valerie will continue to cater to the needs of its owners.

You may visit for more information and videos of the Valerie in action.

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