RS3: VR Class Room

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: VR Company Announces New Method for Online Courses

Austin, TX — Being an innovator in using VR technology, Samsung has decided to become a pioneer in a new field for using the technology. By using WiFi and partnering with Universities across the nations, such as the University of Texas at Austin, Samsung will be making it even easier to take online courses finish degrees from one’s own home.

Based off the companies success with using VR with their phones and providing leisure activities with VR, Samsung is now looking to make VR even more practical with the power of WiFi and University interfaces such as Canvas. Most classes that are online allow for teachers to steam themselves to students, but takes away the physical abilities of learning within a classroom and asking questions in person. With this new VR technology, students and professors will need to only put on the VR headset and they all will be placed in a large lecture hall setting, just as if they were in school. This will allow for students to interact with the professor, concurrently write notes, and learn from their fellow classmates. This will all come from the comfort of their homes and help fill any gaps that come with taking online courses traditionally. The prodcuts will be hitting the market within the next few years, and making its way across the nation.

For further information, please contact the head of our department, their info can be found at the top of the release. Or log onto our website at

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