RS3: WaterBoy


March 11, 2019, Austin, TX — Today our company, ConnectH2O, will complete our stealth mode. After years of testing and innovating, we have come up with a simple, easy way to track how much water you have been drinking. Our patented Tech-Steel™, insulated water bottles come with many sophisticated sensors to reimagine the way you drink water. The materials that we use will always keep your water cold as we combine space age technology with stainless steel to ensure the temperature inside the bottle will never change. By downloading our ConnectApp and syncing it with your water bottle, you will be able to see how much water you drink daily, when you drink the most amounts of water, and receive hourly alerts to refill or drink your daily suggested amount. Our Artificial Intelligence agent, WaterBoy, will aggregate all this information into charts, maps, and suggestions to guarantee that your body will always have the right amount of water. ConnectApp will also be integrated with your Apple Watch and Android Wear to track physical activity level to suggest exercise times and ensure that you are getting the correct amount of water for your activity level. Never again will you have to set reminders or worry about if your body is correctly hydrated. In addition, our ConnectApp includes profiles from your friends and celebrities to see how much water they’ve been drinking and be updated with the latest in water trends. We have changed the way industry will operate by incorporating technology, machine learning, and neural networks with hydration. By revolutionizing how we drink water, ConnectH2O offers friends and family a cheap, easy way to staying hydrated. Never again will you find yourself in a situation without water or WaterBoy.

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