RS3: The Walk

Austin, TX — In this press release is the showcasing of a new product, the Walk. Designed for athletes, the Walk are specially made to serve as not only shoes, but also as a platform for fitness. The Walk has built in wifi and smartphone compatibility, with the ability for the Walk to count how many steps are taken, activity levels, foot tension and more. All this can be seen through a smartphone app that is Bluetooth linked to the Walk. The Walk also can change in ergonomics as well, from plantar to flat flexion, from stiff to relaxing and more. Finally, the Walk has the ability to link with music playing apps, like Spotify, to be able to sync the tempo of your pace to tempo related music to keep the hype up! The Walk is simply innovative, allowing the shoe to truly be the best shoe possible for those who like the highest efficiency in workouts.

RS3: WaterBoy


March 11, 2019, Austin, TX — Today our company, ConnectH2O, will complete our stealth mode. After years of testing and innovating, we have come up with a simple, easy way to track how much water you have been drinking. Our patented Tech-Steel™, insulated water bottles come with many sophisticated sensors to reimagine the way you drink water. The materials that we use will always keep your water cold as we combine space age technology with stainless steel to ensure the temperature inside the bottle will never change. By downloading our ConnectApp and syncing it with your water bottle, you will be able to see how much water you drink daily, when you drink the most amounts of water, and receive hourly alerts to refill or drink your daily suggested amount. Our Artificial Intelligence agent, WaterBoy, will aggregate all this information into charts, maps, and suggestions to guarantee that your body will always have the right amount of water. ConnectApp will also be integrated with your Apple Watch and Android Wear to track physical activity level to suggest exercise times and ensure that you are getting the correct amount of water for your activity level. Never again will you have to set reminders or worry about if your body is correctly hydrated. In addition, our ConnectApp includes profiles from your friends and celebrities to see how much water they’ve been drinking and be updated with the latest in water trends. We have changed the way industry will operate by incorporating technology, machine learning, and neural networks with hydration. By revolutionizing how we drink water, ConnectH2O offers friends and family a cheap, easy way to staying hydrated. Never again will you find yourself in a situation without water or WaterBoy.

RS3: Valerie

Party Bean launches voice-controlled coffee machine—simply say “Valerie”

Austin, Texas – March 2019 — A new coffee machine to make your busy mornings easier is officially available. Party Bean has created “Valerie”, which will let you multitask and still get your energy in the morning. Voice activated, tell Valerie when you want your coffee and how you want it—hot, cold, with or without creamer. Valerie can even produce lattes, espresso shots, and macchiatos.

Yell from your bedroom while you are getting ready or across the kitchen while making your family breakfast. Simply say “Valerie” and state your order. Bluetooth controlled, hook your coffee machine up to your phone and let it know your schedule. Program it to brew coffee when you turn off your alarm or let Valerie ask you if you’re ready for your morning coffee when you turn on the kitchen lights. Set favorite drinks in the app and have them ready for you at the sound of your voice. Forgot what is scheduled for your day? Ask Valerie, and as long as she has access to your mobile calendar, you’ll never be late or tired to a meeting again.

The first coffee machine of its type, Valerie goes beyond all others. Make a small, medium, large, or extra large cup. With two spouts, even brew two cups at one time. Speed up your mornings with your roommate or significant other or serve a large party of guests in half the time. With more and more updates to come, Valerie will continue to cater to the needs of its owners.

You may visit for more information and videos of the Valerie in action.

RS3: Sit Nice

Austin, TX — It is with great pleasure that we here at Morgan and Brothers Inc. are pleased to announce the next greatest innovation to cover your seating needs. We feel that this new thing that we’ll be putting out in the coming months can’t be compared to anything out there right now. Imagine your TV viewing and sitting experience taken to a new level. What is this new product you may ask? We are calling it the Sit Nice. We have made sure to cover so many things within this seat that no other seat will ever be needed. For the first time ever, we are having a chair that connects with your phone to have the optimal experience for whatever individual is in the chair. For the optimal experience, we propose that anyone that regularly lives in a house to have a seat for themselves. The reason that we suggest this is that the seat will create a seating profile for each user so that they may effectively get a superior seating experience with each time they rest down. This will be accomplished by the seat being linked to you through an app so you can record what areas are aching you or causing the most pain. By the time, the chair will be aware of what you need and what areas need more attention. There will be special cushioning that can be redistributed through the chair so that whatever areas need that extra help will either be firmer or softer depending on what you need attention to. While doing this the, the seat will also measure stress as well as your body temperature so you can stay more aware of the factors that may be triggering you. It will be able to keep track of this data and monitor your problem areas over time. We can’t wait until it hits market so we can change the seating game!

RS3: Blueteeth


March 10th, 2019, Austin, TX — Shiny Inc. has just announced a revolutionary product that will change the way you brush your teeth forever. Have you ever thought about wanting a toothbrush that keeps track of your brushing time? Or tells you if you are focusing too much on one area over the others? Enter Blueteeth, the smart toothbrush that uses the latest technology to keep track of how long you brush for. It has small sensors under the bristles that measure the pressure you apply to each region. The toothbrush has a built in speaker that will instruct you to brush with more pressure or change your brushing rhythm. You can monitor the statistics of your brushing time with the free Blueteeth app. After every session, the app will synchronize with the toothbrush and give you a brushing summary. When you first receive the brush, you will have to undergo a 5-minute tutorial that allows the brush to create a mapping of your mouth. The toothbrush uses machine learning to understand how you brush and suggests improvements with each use. Plus, it includes Bluetooth! This way, you can jam out to your favorite tunes while working your way to that perfect smile. The toothbrush comes with a USB cable so you can charge it with your laptop or plug it into a charging brick. One hour of charging makes the toothbrush last up to 5 hours of brush time. The app also allows you to connect with other users with Blueteeth through the app. You can make friends and compare your brushing sessions. The app uses a special algorithm to give you an aggregate Brush Score every day. If you maintain your score above a certain threshold, you can earn points that you can spend on the online store to buy different skins for your toothbrush. Blueteeth will be available on Amazon beginning June 1st and through retail starting July 1st. The starting price will be $399.99.

RS3: Speaking-Wave

Austin, TX — I am delighted to announce and introduce the newest Speaking-Wave (SW) that will be available for purchase starting in the winter of 2020. Further details of how and where to purchase the product will be announced in July 2020. This product has features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a voice control system. Its purpose is to help make cooking in homes a faster and more efficient process. The newest addition of this advanced microwave allows for anyone, after placing the food inside, to hold down the voice recording button on the light blue tinted screen, and vocalize the name of the food in which has been placed inside the SW. The SW will then use its Wi-Fi attributes to immediately search for the precise amount of time it will take in order to generate the highest quality form of the desired food. It will verify, to its users, exactly what restrictions or ingredients are required before beginning the microwaving process. The importance of this SW product is that these progressive features will allow individuals to not worry about manually researching how much time it takes to microwave their meals. SW also maintains a safe environment by reassuring its users of how to prepare for the pre-microwaving stage. The SW product will be released on Friday 1st November 2020, just in time for the holidays celebrations; Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and the New Year. This product will be sold and distributed internationally and can be bought on the website.

RS3: Float pods

Austin, TX — Today we will be introducing the brand-new Float Pods. The new Bluetooth headphones are going to disrupt the entire headphone market. Many people have the issue of their Bluetooth headphones falling out of their ears or simply running out of battery too fast. The Float Pods will leave you speechless after one use. We have implemented the lightest technology into the headphones, so the user will not be able to feel the headphones in your ear and will quickly forget where the music is even coming from. On top of our seamless and virtually weightless design we have come up with a new technology that connects to the electric field in your body that will keep the headphones in your ear, taking away the issues people face when exercising with their headphones in. Unlike the competitors in the market we have created a headphone that will last you a lifetime for a much more affordable price than the leading companies, Apple, Bose, Beats, and others. Based on surveys the CEO, Thomas Jatfo, has conducted around campuses across the country, nearly 95% of students say that they use their headphones at least once a day. By targeting universities in the United States through Float Pods pop-up tours, Float Pod will revolutionize the market and dominate the headphone industry with their unbeatable technology, extreme battery life, and affordable prices.

RS3: TouchAlarm

Austin, TX — TouchAlarm is announcing their launch of a home security system. TouchAlarm is a way for home owners to know when and who is disarming the alarm system. The system ensures that only those with access are the ones controlling the home security system. The system is set up like a traditional home burglary system. Instead of using a passcode to turn off the alarm, the system relies on finger prints. Each family member and those that need access to the house will have their finger prints scanned so they can disarm the alarm. This way each time the alarm is turned off it shows who it was disarmed by and when it was. Homeowners can view this information on the TouchAlarm app. They will get a notification every time the alarm was armed and disarmed and by who. TouchAlarm was founded by Berkeley Jatfo in 2019. The idea was born when the maid could not find her money after she finished cleaning the house. The camera recording a few days before revealed a masked person disarming the home security system and taking the money, but there was no way of identifying who the person was. The finger print access would have made sure that only those who were allowed were the ones disarming the alarm. Codes can easily be told to outside people. Jatfo said, “TouchAlarm is a way to keep your home safe and protect it from people that should not be there. People do not actually know who all has access to their passwords or codes.” For more information on TouchAlarm, please contact Kate Smith at or 713-333-4567.

RS3: Trashr

San Francisco, California — Aerial Solutions, a company that specializes in drones and drone utility, has unveiled their new drone service called Trashr at the 2019 Useless Tech Ideas show in San Francisco, California this week.

Aerial Solutions has been providing services catered by their state-of-the-art drones all over North America since 2015. Long gone are the days where people would get their trash picked up by pesky, noisy garbage trucks. With their new Trashr service, subscribers can now have their garbage picked up by one of Aerial Solutions’ stealthy drones at the press of a button.

The simple to use app utilizes a built-in transmitter that communicates with drones located across the company’s many centralized distribution centers. Furthermore, drones will be available to users at all hours of the day. As such while users can call for immediate garbage pickup through the app, users can also schedule pickup times that work around their own personal agenda.

“Time and time again, I would forget to put my trash out in time for the garbage trucks to pick it up. However, now with the new Trashr app, I can have my garbage picked up on my own time. Never again will I have to chase after the garbage truck in my underwear at 7 in the morning ,” said john Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, a beta tester of the Trashr app.

Aerial Solutions is currently conducting preliminary testing in San Francisco and Helena, Montana. However, full deployment of the new Trashr app and its services will be reaching cities all over the United States by the end of 2020. Subscription services will start at $89.99 a month and will include a biodegradable trash can. More information is available at

RS3: BroGo

Mountain View, California – March 11, 2019 – Brow ‘N Go today released BroGo, an entirely new technology that lets you scan your eyebrows to open your phone. With the use of Botox, and similar products, skyrocketing, Apple’s face recognition software on the iPhone X just is not working like it used to. Also, some women put on enough make up to the point where Apple’s software simply does not recognize their face because they look like two different people with and without make up. Brow ‘N Go believes BroGo will not run into this issue because it looks at the outline of the eyebrow and the way the hair falls. “This technology is wildly different than Apple’s face recognition because it takes into account the fact that the hair might not always be the same way and the eyebrow color might not always be the same because some women draw on their eyebrows. As long as the shape of the eyebrow is relatively the same, the technology will work” says Brow ‘N Go’s Chief Executive Officer and head design analyst.

Die-hard customers of Brow ‘N Go’s previous products got to test run BroGo. “I had initial concerns of running into issues when I got my eyebrows waxes or when I draw my eyebrows to go out. I did trial runs of BroGo, and it recognized and unlocked every time!” exclaims loyal customer Ann Smithe. The nice thing about BroGo is that it does not look at your face, so it gets rid of concerns of facial tracking and gets rid of any notion that we are collaborating with the FBI, like Apple is, and it ensures your privacy because it does not use your face.