RS3: Smart Mirror

Austin, TX. March 11, 2019 Today we are announcing a product that feeds the inherent characteristic most Americans love to (not) act on – laziness. Online shopping has already begun to take over the shopping industry with more and more people ordering clothes online versus going to a physical store location. A common trend is to order more than expected to keep, perhaps in a couple different sizes, and try on clothes in front of the mirror and then send back the items you do not want to keep. The smart mirror allows to combine these two favorable activities – looking at yourself and trying on new clothes. However, now you do not need to buy any clothes before trying them on at home! The smart mirror has the ability to put the person who is looking into it in the clothes of choice, to try new fashion trends, see how different sizes fit, or just have some fun to dress up like celebrities. The smart mirror even has the capability to show what a haircut or hair style would look like on the person. Use the smart mirror to look however you want without having to spend unnecessary hard earned money before being absolutely sure. We are bringing the changing room to your house with your own stylist using AR technology. You will never have to leave home to go shopping again.


RS3: Cool2Go

Cool2Go Set to Begin Distribution in May

San Francisco, California, March 9, 2019 (AAA News Network) – Snobb, Inc. today announced that its latest groundbreaking innovation in exercise and lifestyle technology is set to hit the shelves in stores across the nation in early May which is expected to revolutionize the way we cool and store our water – the Cool2Go.

The Cool2Go bottle integrates its high-tech cooling mechanism with your very own cell phone via Bluetooth. The cooling methods of the past like ice are far too inconvenient to be worth the hassle; they can make a mess, and you can never be certain about the purity of ice you get from places such as the fridge. Instead, the futuristic design is mess free, and cools the contents of the bottle in an incredibly easy process: first, connect the Cool2Go bottle to your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device. Next, download the iCool app, and open it. In the app, you can set the desired temperature you’d like your drink to be cooled to. Once a temperature is selected, the bottle takes it from there, and the drink will be chilled to your liking in no longer than ten minutes. It’s that simple. The Cool2Go uses a lithium-ion battery which can last up to half of the entire day. At the end of the day, simply plug the Cool2Go into an electrical outlet using the CoolCharge cable (purchased separately). The Cool2Go bottle is set to retail at $199.99, with the CoolCharge cable being an additional $20.

RS3: Breathe, by Poo’s Shoes

HOUSTON, Texas — Mar. 11, 2019: Poo’s Shoes have unveiled their newest line of shoes, called Breathe. This new line of shoes has a new daring and appealing marketing strategy we have never seen before in the shoe industry: sockless shoes. CEO Ryan Mangin spoke at Houston International Sneaker Summit yesterday, saying “The world is tired of smelly socks getting sucked in by the dryer and never coming back out”. He claims that these new shoes will eliminate your need for socks all together. They have an almost swiss cheese looking exterior for breathability as well as a built-in ankle brace for stability that ties the shoe together. Another perk Mangin was selling to the people of Houston was the lack of shoelaces. He says “I, for one, am tired of tying my shoes every day, so I went out and got rid of shoelaces all together”. This new line of shoes flaunts a new patented zip tie approach where you place the AirMangin™ Breathe zip ties in the holes provided and pull to your desired tightness. With the release of this new line, Mangin promised that for the next month anyone who bought the new AirMangin™ Breathe’s would also receive 500 free zip ties.

RS3: The Walk

Austin, TX — In this press release is the showcasing of a new product, the Walk. Designed for athletes, the Walk are specially made to serve as not only shoes, but also as a platform for fitness. The Walk has built in wifi and smartphone compatibility, with the ability for the Walk to count how many steps are taken, activity levels, foot tension and more. All this can be seen through a smartphone app that is Bluetooth linked to the Walk. The Walk also can change in ergonomics as well, from plantar to flat flexion, from stiff to relaxing and more. Finally, the Walk has the ability to link with music playing apps, like Spotify, to be able to sync the tempo of your pace to tempo related music to keep the hype up! The Walk is simply innovative, allowing the shoe to truly be the best shoe possible for those who like the highest efficiency in workouts.

RS3: WaterBoy


March 11, 2019, Austin, TX — Today our company, ConnectH2O, will complete our stealth mode. After years of testing and innovating, we have come up with a simple, easy way to track how much water you have been drinking. Our patented Tech-Steel™, insulated water bottles come with many sophisticated sensors to reimagine the way you drink water. The materials that we use will always keep your water cold as we combine space age technology with stainless steel to ensure the temperature inside the bottle will never change. By downloading our ConnectApp and syncing it with your water bottle, you will be able to see how much water you drink daily, when you drink the most amounts of water, and receive hourly alerts to refill or drink your daily suggested amount. Our Artificial Intelligence agent, WaterBoy, will aggregate all this information into charts, maps, and suggestions to guarantee that your body will always have the right amount of water. ConnectApp will also be integrated with your Apple Watch and Android Wear to track physical activity level to suggest exercise times and ensure that you are getting the correct amount of water for your activity level. Never again will you have to set reminders or worry about if your body is correctly hydrated. In addition, our ConnectApp includes profiles from your friends and celebrities to see how much water they’ve been drinking and be updated with the latest in water trends. We have changed the way industry will operate by incorporating technology, machine learning, and neural networks with hydration. By revolutionizing how we drink water, ConnectH2O offers friends and family a cheap, easy way to staying hydrated. Never again will you find yourself in a situation without water or WaterBoy.

RS3: Valerie

Party Bean launches voice-controlled coffee machine—simply say “Valerie”

Austin, Texas – March 2019 — A new coffee machine to make your busy mornings easier is officially available. Party Bean has created “Valerie”, which will let you multitask and still get your energy in the morning. Voice activated, tell Valerie when you want your coffee and how you want it—hot, cold, with or without creamer. Valerie can even produce lattes, espresso shots, and macchiatos.

Yell from your bedroom while you are getting ready or across the kitchen while making your family breakfast. Simply say “Valerie” and state your order. Bluetooth controlled, hook your coffee machine up to your phone and let it know your schedule. Program it to brew coffee when you turn off your alarm or let Valerie ask you if you’re ready for your morning coffee when you turn on the kitchen lights. Set favorite drinks in the app and have them ready for you at the sound of your voice. Forgot what is scheduled for your day? Ask Valerie, and as long as she has access to your mobile calendar, you’ll never be late or tired to a meeting again.

The first coffee machine of its type, Valerie goes beyond all others. Make a small, medium, large, or extra large cup. With two spouts, even brew two cups at one time. Speed up your mornings with your roommate or significant other or serve a large party of guests in half the time. With more and more updates to come, Valerie will continue to cater to the needs of its owners.

You may visit for more information and videos of the Valerie in action.

RS3: Sit Nice

Austin, TX — It is with great pleasure that we here at Morgan and Brothers Inc. are pleased to announce the next greatest innovation to cover your seating needs. We feel that this new thing that we’ll be putting out in the coming months can’t be compared to anything out there right now. Imagine your TV viewing and sitting experience taken to a new level. What is this new product you may ask? We are calling it the Sit Nice. We have made sure to cover so many things within this seat that no other seat will ever be needed. For the first time ever, we are having a chair that connects with your phone to have the optimal experience for whatever individual is in the chair. For the optimal experience, we propose that anyone that regularly lives in a house to have a seat for themselves. The reason that we suggest this is that the seat will create a seating profile for each user so that they may effectively get a superior seating experience with each time they rest down. This will be accomplished by the seat being linked to you through an app so you can record what areas are aching you or causing the most pain. By the time, the chair will be aware of what you need and what areas need more attention. There will be special cushioning that can be redistributed through the chair so that whatever areas need that extra help will either be firmer or softer depending on what you need attention to. While doing this the, the seat will also measure stress as well as your body temperature so you can stay more aware of the factors that may be triggering you. It will be able to keep track of this data and monitor your problem areas over time. We can’t wait until it hits market so we can change the seating game!